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What We’re All About

Vancouver Island Meditation was founded in 2012 when a few of us moved to beautiful Vancouver Island. Daily meditation has been part of our lives for many years - over time it has become the most cherished part of our daily routine.

We meditate to achieve and expand peace within. The simple and effective meditation techniques of Sahaja Yoga allow us to master stress, improve our immune system, and achieve balance in every aspect of life. Ancient knowledge and practices have been adapted by Shri Mataji to modern day needs for people of all walks of life. Join us in a public lecture and guided meditation by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga: .

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is always taught free and has been around the world since 1970.

As we enjoy the benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, we like to share this experience with others, like one candle lighting another. That's why we have been offering free meditation events all over the Island. Our events are online and in-person.

Our doors are always open to new beginners and beyond. Come join us at our next event.

We are also on Meetup, so you can join our Meetup group and receive class reminders and announcements for special events. 

For an abundance of more information and for free meditation classes and events all over the world visit

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