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Sahaja Yoga Meditators show Younger and Healthier Brains

A new article on the effects of Sahaja Yoga Meditation has been published on December 29, 2020 in the prestigious scientific magazine Plos One. This research article is a continuation of the one already published, in 2016, about the grey matter in Sahaja Yoga Meditators.

From the press release from the Communication Office of the University of La Laguna, Spain:

The study findings show that mental silence, experienced through Sahaja Yoga meditation, is associated with a protective effect on the entire brain, by leading to larger overall grey matter that could potentially reflect a slowing down of age-related loss of grey matter. Since grey matter diminishes with age and with many mental illnesses, this difference throughout the whole brain is associated with a younger and healthier brain for those practicing mental silence through Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

• Meditators showed around 7% more grey matter, the largest published difference between healthy groups.

• As grey matter decreases with age and with most mental illnesses, this difference throughout the brain is associated with a younger and healthier brain.

Of all the brain areas, the grey matter difference was significantly larger in meditators in the right temporal lobe, an area associated with emotions, and in both frontal lobes, areas associated with cognitive and emotional self-control functions.

The research team was led by Sergio Elias Hernandez, the original article is accessible at the following link:

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